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03 August 2007



Nice piece. The thing about that '57 Nürburgring race though, was that it wasn't just one lap - it was lap, after lap, after lap of relentless pace. It was more than the greatest lap - it was probably the great race ever driven.

alex King

True. But what I was getting at it was that was a case of the laps getting better and better. Essentially, each lap out did the other to become the most impressive lap ever. Which I guess constitues something entirely than just one single lap. But didn't Alonso accomplish something similar over a selection of laps in Hungary?


whats the ultimate record lap on the ring? Someone in a porsche sportscar?

Milo Train

Depends on what you mean by lap record. If you are talking the 'ring in F1 layout then it is Schumacher in 2004 in a Ferrari at 1'29.468. But you are probably thinking of Nordschleife which is the closest thing to the historic 'ring that we have left and is about 20km. On that version the record lap is 6'11.13 run by Stefan Bellof in a Porsche 956 while qualifing for the 1983 1000km Nürburgring. He set the record "race lap" during the same race running a time of 6'25.91.

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