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31 July 2007



Excellent analysis! And interesting to see how I, as a reasonably fit Cat. 3 masters guy, stack up to an F1 car. Not well, I might add.

Tom B.

I've been known to put out 179,000 watts in a stage victory sprint and I am the peloton's Brad Pitt. Put that in your Peugeot!

alex king

Very cool analysis. It's almost like we are 'real' journalistas. The ones that stand on soapboxes.


So I take it from that you believe Landis isn't guilty of cheating his way to victory in TDF '06. Irresponsible reporting in my opinion or maybe just gullible to believe such rubbish from a 'coach' that by keeping cool by pouring water bottles over his head Floyd could pull off this so-called "miraculous" performance the day after spectacularly bonking. Absouluetly nuts - and this despite the fact that he tested positive for synthetic testosterone. Very naive.


Actually, I think Landis probably did use testosterone, just like everyone else in the peleton was using some substance or another. Your point is like the ASO asking Riis for his yellow jersey back from 1996. Who are you going to give it to? Ullrich, who was second? Lim's description of their tactics loses none of its validity simply because he may or may not have been using synthetic testosterone. First of all because testosterone is a recovery drug, in which case it would have helped him recover from his bonk, not increase his power during the race, and second, all the math behind the power outputs remains the same. The point of this was that you can produce more power at a lower body temperature, irregardless of what substances you're using. So yeah, it's rubbish if he cheated but the power output lesson remains the same. Thanks for reading though... and I wouldn't call what we do "reporting" necessarily.

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